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Sweetsinner Doppelganger (Kenna James, Alexa Grace, Ryan Driller) 2019

Runtime : 01:51:59
Cast : Kenna James, Alexa Grace, Ryan Driller, Lucas Frost, Chad Alva and Samantha Hayes.
Released Date : 17 January 2019

Ingenious premise, with interesting plot twists

Crew member Shawn Alff turned in a surprisingly effective script for director Jacky St. James in this highly effective porn variation on a sci-fi theme.

With lots of voice-over narration by star Ryan Driller adding depth to the story, we are presented with a credibly extrapolated future in which rich folks become obsessed with a new form of Genetically-Aided plastic surgery, that allows them (for a price) to completely take on a younger, beautiful appearance to order.

Driller is looking at an old photo of himself and his late wife, (played in flashback by Samantha Hayes), reminiscing how it captured a moment of great happiness in his life, before he opted for the radical makeover, and his wife 5 years later the same at his prompting, an operation that resulted in her death. Alff's script repeats the use of a photo (selfies it turns out) with some poignancy several times later in the show.

But the main subject here is actually a favorite of Jacky's, namely incest. Ryan has a beautiful step-daughter Alexa Grace who is obsessed with him, anxious for him to have sex with her, which Driller rejects out of hand as "inappropriate", to use the favorite porno term. How she finally achieves this goal is the result of a twisty story, that is best left unspoiled, even if it is hardly as earthshaking as revealing the ending of the currently over-publicized Marvel "Avengers" opus (yes, as someone who never drank the Marvel brand of Kool-Aid I am being sarcastic here).

Figuring prominently in the show is Kenna James as Driller's stripper girl friend, and whose lovely kisser is the source of the title doppelganger. Ending is rather cleverly not what the attentive viewer will expect to be the likely twist outcome, a fine piece of cinematic misdirection by Alff and St. James.

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